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Restroom downstairs.

Skylight between building.

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Our home is of modern design which has incorporated both the business as well as the living quarters within the same area.

The shop is differentiated by being painted orange and the living area is yellow thus the colours are not gaudy and do not clash.

Metal sheet roofing has been used to cover both properties.

Photovoltaic integrated buildings will be in much demand in the future. Harnessing sun power from the differing seasons of summer and winter leads us to design the declination of the roof. The front building faces North for the summer and the back building faces South for the winter. Our home is located above equator line about 16 degrees North Latitude.

The ground floor houses the Cake and Ice Cream shop whereas the 1st floor has an air conditioned meeting room with the benefit of natural daylight.

Our home is the back building which has our dining area on the ground floor and the bedrooms are located on floors above. The whole buidling also provides the wireless internet access.