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Decorating a cake with many designs (1-3 pounds) usually takes only less than 10mins. Customer may let me know, cake for kids, friends or parent. I got many designs in hand.

Cake price (per pound)

Butter-vanilla 150.- THB
Butter-Chocolate 170.- THB
Butter-Orange 170.-THB

Butter Fruit Jam 150.-THB

Smaller size

1/2 pound, 70.-THB vanilla
1/2 pound, 80.-THB chocolate and coffee
1/4 pound, 35.-THB vanilla

Larger size

Wedding Cake 190.-THB per pound

Chiffon Cake 7.-THB /pcs

Best Seller Jam Chiffon Cake: cheap and delicious. -->

Here is the Happy Birthday Candles. (price shown THB)